12 July 2013

Argh! My Wallet! (Steam Summer Sale)

Yes it's that time of year that makes me regret that I have "bought in" to this particular system.  I both love Steam and I hate it.  I love it for its convenience, the single account that I can use to download games to any machine I happen to be playing on, and the sales.  I hate it because it IS still DRM, even if it feels more polite... and the sales.  I'm learning the most important lesson about Steam... never buy anything unless it is on sale, because it will come up for sale eventually.  Right now I'm particularly miffed over seeing Borderlands 2 on sale for $10, when I bought it for $60.  But yeah... that is Rule #1 for Steam.  Just be patient.  As another case in point, Bioshock Infinite is up for $30 right now as a part of the infamous Steam Summer Sale.

So yes it is that time again.  While Steam runs sales on a daily and weekly basis, this one week every summer is of particular significance.  Tons of games get the sale treatment, and not just indie titles or last years hits.  As I already mentioned, Bioshock Infinite is getting the sale treatment, and Skyrim was part of the first 8-hour "flash sale."  I passed on that one, but the second flash sale had a little gem that I couldn't resist picking up... Bastion for a mere $2.50.  I guess the best way to describe it would be a highly stylized Diablo with a bit more emphasis on storytelling than on loot collection. 

I'm not so much in the market for the "latest and greatest" these days, which is why a cheap little romp like Bastion appeals more to me than an epic, big budget title like Bioshock.  My gaming PC is almost three years old and unless I win the lottery tomorrow, I will not have the discretionary income to replace it anytime soon.  And even when I do, I'm more likely to buy a slimmed down desktop and a tablet than I am another "top of the line" gaming rig.  So I need to learn how to game smarter and game cheaper.  No more new releases.  No more big budget blockbusters.  No more top of the line machines.  I spent the last ten years almost trying to play that "game," and I came out a loser... not to mention poorer.

But here I am talking about how to save money, all while spending money.  And that's the ultimate irony of the Steam Summer Sale.  Oh well, back to filling my catalog with cheap goodness.  What deals do you have your eyes open for this week? 

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  1. I've purchased Miami Hotline for 2.12 & FTL for 2.49. I've been waiting for a sale. I'm looking forward to playing them. I might buy Chivalry, quite a few of my friends have it. (If they still play) I will have some multiplayer fun!

    I bought Kind of Dragon Pass for 1.49 on gog. This will be the first game that I devour! I'm really looking forward to playing it.


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