11 June 2013

Ain't Karma a Bitch

What was it I just said a few days ago?  Oh yeah, that I shouldn't plan things in advance for the blog because something always seems to come up that prevents me from following through.  So what did I do this week?  I planned something in advance that I wanted to do on the blog.  And what happened after that?  Something came up that will prevent me from following through.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Murphy remains a cold-hearted bastard.  So without boring you with the mundane details of my life, I will simply say that I will not have the time to "traverse" all the games I planned to this week and so I won't be able to do those single-day write ups that I had planned. 

Instead I'll just be making a couple more general opinion posts regarding the Xbox One/Playstation 4 reveals and probably something on the future of raiding in MMO's as both World of Warcraft and the upcoming WildStar had some interesting things to say regarding raids recently.  So yeah, it's not what I had hoped to do this week, but sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches.  It's not like I'll run out of things to potentially talk about what with E3 going on this week also. 

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