20 May 2013

Impending Relaunch!

In the words of a certain deceased scientist, "Good news everyone!"  After a long time concentrating on my studies and my family, I am getting back to spouting my opinion about games.  A lot has changed in the MMO industry in the past eight months, and as I was reading the last post I made, it was interesting to see some of the things I said then in relation to things that have happened since. That post seems especially prophetic as both The Secret World and RIFT have dropped their mandatory subscriptions in the meantime.  As a once and future player of both of those games, I'll be having more to say about that soon.

But the blog itself is going to undergo a bit of a redesign.  I'll be changing the name and the URL to reflect the sort of "new" orientation that my commentary is going to take.  But I wanted to get this "news" post up first so just in case anyone is still following me out there (thank you) they won't be taken totally unaware when the URL changes and they end up on a "different" page.  So hopefully I can get that done in the next day or so and get back to a semi-regular posting schedule.

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