10 August 2012

A Month to Ponder

So part of that down time was planned, and part was not.  I did manage to squeeze a vacation in there but that wasn't the only thing that kept me away.  And boy... did some big news break while I was "out on the lake."  I've had a lot to think about in terms of what is going on in the MMO world, and subsequently, lots to say.  So this weekend I'm going to be doing a bit of a "brain dump."  I'm trying to "categorize" my thoughts into topical posts, but I make no promises.  The whole thing may be a bit scattershot.  And they will definitely be "walls o' text," so bring a tank if you're afraid of getting smashed.

Short version:  Big, meaty posts coming this weekend.  Big topics, deep thoughts, heavy reading.  Be prepared. :)

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