25 June 2012

Post #100

Well I'm not normally the kind of person to indulge in "milestones," but I'll make an exception for this one.  This post marks the 100th post to this blog.  It is significant to me in the sense that this blog is actually my fourth attempt at blogging, not all on the same topic.  I've tried to start blogs based on many of my hobbies including cooking, sports, and politics, but for one reason or another they always fell flat.  Now if you measured success strictly through readership or pageviews, then this blog hasn't been much more successful than any of those were.  I'm still sitting somewhere around 50 visits per day.  But it's never really been about the size of the audience to me.  I am grateful to each of you who take the time to read what I have to say when I post.  Do I wish it were more?  Sure, who doesn't?  But I am appreciative simply for the opportunity and the platform to speak my mind about things that I am passionate about.

I know that the tenor of my posts has been a little strange lately.  Aside from the character prologues and the Sunday news posts, I haven't had much "direct" to say about specific issues.  As I said, I think this is mostly due to it being a sort of "down time" for me right now in that I am not playing an MMO full time at the moment.  But that is going to change very soon when The Secret World launches at the end of this week.  Once I have a game to sink my teeth into, I think it will stimulate my interest not only in that game itself, but in the broader issues affecting the genre as a whole as well.  It is just difficult to feel fully "invested" in what is going on when you don't really have a "stake" in the game, and I suppose that describes how things are for me with no specific game to play.

So while I certainly don't intend to take the time to "pat myself on the back" for every milestone number that I come across, one-hundred is one of those nice, round numbers that is easy to take a moment to recognize.  Things were a little touch and go with this blog too.  I know I went over a month without posting, but that's how life is sometimes.  One of the lessons to be learned with any hobby is how to manage it against the more important things in your life.  That is not to say that hobbies aren't important.  I would argue that creative outlets, in whatever form they may take, are an important part of anyone's life.  But they can't come at the cost of a job, or spouse, or family.  They can prevent you from killing your family though... ;)

I enjoy taking the time to share my thoughts here and I hope that you will continue to enjoy taking the time to read them. 

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