09 June 2012

My "Secret" Journey: Prologue Part 2

Here is the next segment of the back story for my character in the upcoming The Secret World.  Again this is to set the stage for my character's eventual "awakening" and initiation into the "Secret World."  And if you happen to know anybody who plans to run an RP oriented Templar Cabal in the game, feel free to point them in my direction.  I'm going to include direct links to the previous chapters of the story at the beginning of each new post.  That way you don't have to hunt through the backlog to pick up specific pieces.  I hope you are enjoying the story!

Prologue: Part I

What We Leave Behind

Sleep did not provide the respite that Medina thought.  Never one with much of a vivid imagination, her dreams that night were consumed with the macabre; the dead walking the earth, vampires and werewolves, portals straight into hell itself.  Medina tossed and turned under the covers, her hair matted to her scalp with sweat.  Each vision was more terrible and more frightening than the one that preceded it, but they did not relent.  And through it all, Medina could hear this faint sound in the background, like a whisper.  It was so quiet that she should not have been able to hear it at all over the thrashing demons and groaning zombies, but it was always there.  It was the faint buzzing of bees...

Suddenly Medina gasped and shot up out of the bed.  She clutched at her chest and looked frantically around the room.  It was just her apartment, no hellspawn, no vampires, no mummies.  She took a deep breath to settle herself and picked up her phone to look at the time.  5am.  Still too early to call home, a chore she was not looking forward to.  Medina tossed her covers aside and went into the bathroom to toss some water on her face.  They aren't going to like this, she thought to herself.  Her parents were about as risk-adverse as she was.  No wonder where she had gotten it from.  She looked at her reflection in the mirror and sighed.  But I want to do this.  I need to do this.  I need to do something for ME.


"I don't know, dear.  You said you wanted to finish your thesis this summer.  Are you sure this kind of trip is what you should be spending your time on?"  Medina sighed and hoped the sound didn't carry through the phone as she listened to the expected arguments from her mother.

"But I will be working on my thesis, mom!  What better place to get information about the foundations of American government than England?  We'll be there for two weeks.  I'll have plenty of time to dig around in libraries and museums."

"Libraries and museums?" her mother replied, sounding incredulous.  "With Samantha?  Dear, the only thing you'll get a tour of with her are the best pubs and nightclubs in London.  I know she's your friend but she's a distraction.  She isn't good for you."

"I'm 24, mom," Medina said, her voice starting to crack.  She knew her mother would say this but a part of her still hoped for her support.  "I want to do this, I want to go.  I just hoped..." she paused to catch her breath, trying not to break down in tears."  "I had hoped you would be happy for me."

"I'll be happy for you when your thesis is done," was her mother's response.  "I would hate for you to have come all this way and end up short.  But like you said, you're an adult now.  It's your choice."  Medina knew she had to end the conversation before she said something that she would regret.

"I'm sorry you still don't trust me, mom.  I'll bring you and dad back something nice, I promise.  My love to you both."  And with that she hung up before her mother could reply.  She flung herself onto the bed and waited for the tears to come.  I've always tried to be the good one, and they still don't trust me.  How can I ever prove them wrong if they don't give me a chance?  Medina sat up and wiped her eyes.  I'll show them.  I'll find something in London that will prove everything my thesis stands for.  More determined than ever, she picked up her backpack and laptop and headed off to the library.  There was so much still to do before she left.


"You ready for this, Zee?  Going to be the trip of a lifetime!"  Medina tried not to scowl at Samantha as they finished off their dinner.  "I have all the tours booked, the routes planned, all that's left is the packing!"

"I hope those tours include some libraries, Sam.  I told you I'm planning to make this a 'working trip,'" Medina told her friend.

"I told you they would," Sam beamed at her in response, "Would I let my best friend down?  You'll get all the dirty little books you can dream of, and have some fun whether you like it or not."  Samantha gave Medina a playful pat on the cheek as she stood up with her tray.  "See you at the airport in the morning.  I'd tell you not to be late, but I can't remember the last time you were late for anything."

"I'm not," Medina said wryly, "Unlike some other people I know.  See you then."  She picked up her own tray and headed for the door.  She was already working through her packing list in her mind and could hardly contain her excitement.  The sorrow from her conversation with her mother earlier had been replaced with mounting anticipation.  She had to make this absolutely perfect.  It really had to be the trip of a lifetime.


That night as Medina lie in bed, her backs packed and stacked against the wall, her anticipation turned into nightmares as the twisted visages from the night before returned to her, even more powerful than before.  She thrashed beneath the sheets as one vision after another assaulted her subconscious.  And through it all was the buzzing of the bees...

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