16 March 2012

TERA Trials

So I was just commenting yesterday that I wanted to talk in more detail about TERA but didn't have the opportunity to review all the available information.  Well, it's almost as if someone was listening as shortly thereafter I took a trip over to Massively and discovered that they were giving away keys to the next weekend test.  Talk about a timely opportunity.  So I quickly scooted over to En Masse's website, signed up for an account, and put the key in to get access to the beta test.  If this is a game that has been on the periphery of your gaming radar as well, this sounds like a great opportunity to get some hands on experience with what looks to be a bit more non-traditional of an MMO.

I have to say I am actually pretty excited about this opportunity.  That said, I have chosen to approach this a bit differently than I have beta tests in the past.  Before, I would scour the web and absorb everything I could about the game beforehand.  Well this time I am not going to seek out any more information about TERA until I get into the game.  I want to get as open and honest a feel for the game as I possibly can, and I think I can do that best by not "contaminating" myself with preconceived notions before I see it first hand.  Now since this next test is not until the weekend of March 23rd, that means I am not going to post on TERA next week as I had planned. 

This feels like a pretty good opportunity to me.  I have never taken this perspective on a beta test before.  Always in the past when I signed up for a beta, or actually gotten into one, it was already with knowledge and expectations of the game.  It was a game I wanted to play.  TERA is a game that, while it piqued my interest, was not a game I saw myself committing the funds to play.  And I really have no idea what to expect from the game itself.  I knew what I expected from Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I know what I expect from The Secret World were I to get into that beta.  But this is a different sort of animal, and I am looking forward to it.  TERA may impress me, but it can't disappoint me.  If it turns out to not be something I like, I have lost nothing as I was never fully committed to it in the first place.  That makes for a much more relaxed feeling.  Hopefully I will get to enjoy a fresh take on a new game.

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