06 March 2012

SW:TOR- The Epilogue

Yesterday marked what will likely be my last day in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I completed the class storyline for my Jedi Consular and the Republic "storyline" through Corellia.  Afterwards I attempted to go back to my Imperial Agent and continue that story, as I found it one of the more entertaining ones, but I just couldn't do it.  As I have mentioned before, as good as the class stories may be, and even though the Agent story is one of the best, you cannot play the game following the class story alone.  You simply must do planet chains, side quests, etc. to stay on the proper curve.  And this other content I have all seen before and I simply have no interest in repeating.  The GAME itself just isn't good enough for me to want to play all that content over again.  This is disappointing, because I would like to see a few more stories play out, but I am not going to "torture" myself to do so.

So it is with a heavy heart that I "sign off" from the galaxy far, far away.  Like many I had high hopes that while SW:TOR never promised to reinvent the wheel, it would do enough things better or differently to offer a new alternative among major MMO titles.  I will still be watching, and if the 1.2 patch comes out before my game time expires, I will definitely log in to see what changes have been made.  Bioware is already promising UI and combat upgrades, and since those were among my biggest complaints with the game, if they are able to deliver those changes, I could easily see myself reversing my decision and remaining in the game.  But the burden will be on them to do that.  I cannot offer them more of my time or money simply on the "hope" that they will follow through.

I had intended to write up some of my complaints with the major storylines in this final post, but I have decided to pass on that.  There is no need to elaborate on points of lore and character contradictions at this point.  SW:TOR's storytelling still far surpasses the narrative in any other MMO to date, and frankly Bioware should be applauded for what they were able to accomplish in this regard with such a very well loved and established IP.  It can be very difficult to write compelling stories that take place in someone else's imagination, and that is essentially what the Bioware writers had to do.  So I am not going to nitpick them on my way "out the door."  If nothing else, SW:TOR did succeed in proving that an engaging story can be told in the MMO environment.

It feels somewhat like the "calm before the storm" in a sense.  I have nothing "new" to do so I returning to an old game for a few months.  But this summer is going to be big in terms of MMO releases.  While not an MMO per say, Diablo 3 is going to attract a lot of attention both because it is a Blizzard title and because many people who are interested in that game follow MMO's as well.  Rumors are starting to circulate that the announcement of a release date is imminent, and that date may be as early as April 17th.  Then in May TERA will be launching.  Again this is a title that intrigues me and I will be watching, but not likely playing.  Potentially waiting in the wings also is Guild Wars 2.  No release date has been announced, but with the massive beta signup recently, ArenaNet is definitely gearing up for something big.  And finally The Secret World will be revealed in June.  You already know how much I am looking forward to this title.  Thankfully my job permits me a bit more free time in the summer, because I will certainly be busy!

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