19 March 2012

Project Delarre

Meet my new RIFT cleric, Delarre.  Yeah, yeah... I reused one of my character names from Star Wars: The Old Republic, so sue me.  I'm not exactly the most creative cat on the block, so when I come up with a name that I like, I tend to use it for as long as is practical.  When I last played RIFT, I had two characters at the level cap, a warrior and a mage, and I had a third character close to cap, a rogue.  But for whatever reason, the cleric calling was the one class I had not managed to invest any serious time in.  I rolled one of each class way back during the head start, but most of those characters never took off.  I ended up deleting all but one of them.  And I never got any cleric higher than maybe level 16.

So when I returned to RIFT, I decided I wanted something different to do.  Yes I had level capped characters and I could easily spend my time developing them; working on reputations, running random dungeons, searching out a raid guild, etc.  But that all felt somewhat counterproductive because I already know that my return to Telara is going to be somewhat short lived.  When The Secret World releases in June, I will be diving into that head first.  So instead I decided to play the one class that had eluded me during before and create a new cleric.

Now I know what you are probably already thinking, "How is starting an entirely new character any more productive than working on a current one?"  A valid point, and I suppose it is a matter of perspective.  For one, I actually enjoying leveling in RIFT.  I know that puts me in the minority, but I find it engaging and varied.  Just when "quest and grind" is about to get boring, the skies rip apart and a zone event begins.  It's just enough to keep things fluid and not too stale.  Another thing is that I enjoy different play styles almost as much as different content.  Yes I have done all of RIFT's leveling content before, but I haven't done it with this class.  That too is enough to keep things interesting.

For those of you already familiar with RIFT, you know that clerics are among the most versatile callings.  They can tank, heal, and DPS in both melee and ranged modes.  Healing is by far their most powerful group role, as they are the only calling with multiple healing specs.  The only other calling that can heal at all is the mage, and they are limited to essentially a single spec to do it.  But cleric tanks are capable, and they do have some decent DPS specs.  So after I get Delarre to the level cap, my next goal will be to construct completely epic level gear sets for each role she could perform.  That may sound like a tall order, but I did it for my old warrior long ago, and I didn't even have to raid to do it.  Zone event rewards and random dungeons filled pretty much every slot, with crafted gear pitching in here and there.  He only needed two gear sets though.  Delarre will need at least three, although there may be a bit of overlap between them. 

I'll keep you up to date once a week and let you know how the "project" is going.  Anyone else out there have some "weird" MMO goals they are working towards right now?  Any achievement whores or mount collectors out there close to a big mile stone?  That's one thing that makes a good MMO, in my opinion, is one that offers players options like this.  Many others might find goals like this silly, but everyone's definition of fun is different.  The more ways you can approach it, the better your game will be.

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