08 February 2012

A Please and a Thank You

Just a couple of quick items to discuss today.  First off, work is kicking my butt this week so I have not been able to finish working on that raiding philosophy post that I promised you last week.  And honestly, as I have been working on it, it has kind of "morphed" from the theme I originally planned to cover into something a bit different.  But I am still working on it, and I will get it out to you before the end of the week.  So if I could just beg your indulgence in the meantime, I do hope you will find it worthwhile when I do finish it.

The other thing I wanted to say was Thank You to those of you that commented on my posts from the past week.  I have been enjoying seeing this blog grow over the course of the past month and to start to get some feedback from my readers has been very rewarding.  I know some bloggers like to engage in "back and forth" discussions with the comment threads.  I'd like to do something a little bit different.  My hope is that as I get a few more readers and the number of comments starts to increase, I can start doing a weekly "feedback" post where I can take some (or all) of the comments over the course of the week and respond to them.  It may lack the immediate feedback of replying to the comments individually, but I think it will make for a good addition to the blog.  So if you like what you have been reading here, shoot me a comment, and shoot the address to your friends.  I would very much enjoy seeing this blog become a small part of the overall discussion in the broader MMO community.

That covers it for now.  Like I said, I am still working on that raiding post, and if anything extraordinary comes down the pike, I will be sure to drop my two cents on it.  But in the meantime, here's to hoping your job is treating you better than mine right now. :)

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