31 January 2012

Worth a Watch: On Gaming Addiction

This link is courtesy of WoW Insider, which posted it on their page a few days back.  It is an amateur documentary about gaming addiction and specifically World of Warcraft.  I'm just going to offer a few brief comments and then you can check it out for yourself, but I really do like this one.  I like it because it does not do either of the two things that most commentaries on gaming addiction do.  Most of the time when you read/see a story on this topic, it is either all about how gaming is "the devil" and it will destroy us all, or it is an endless "sob story" about how gaming ruined someone's life.  And while the author here definitely highlights the negative ways WoW impacted his life, at no point does he make you try and feel sorry for him, or blame anyone else for his problems. 

Ultimately, people who are vulnerable to addictive behaviors are vulnerable to all kinds of addictive behaviors.  Gaming in general, or MMO gaming in particular, are no better or worse in this regard.  They can be just as potentially destructive as any other.  To vilify gaming as more dangerous than say drinking, or smoking, or gambling is absurd.  It is a potential addiction like any other and people who are vulnerable to such things should stay away.  So I think this particular video is very even-handed in its approach and its message.  I definitely think it is worth checking out.  Let me know what you thought of it.

In Real Life- Documentary on WoW Addiction

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