25 January 2012

Character Update and Legacy Questions

Just a small post today to update a couple of quick things.  I started back to work today so the semi-daily postings that I have been up to for the past few weeks may slow down a bit in regularity.  I will try and get something up every other day or so, but obviously real life priorities have to take precedence.  Somewhat related to that, I accidentally posted what I had intended to be today's post yesterday, so that's why I only have a small one to make today.  Just forgot to hit the "schedule" button before I saved the draft.  Oh well, nobody's perfect. 

So as far as today goes I just want to do two quick things.  First, an update on my characters as I am still searching for a guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I'm not going to recap all the storylines, but I will link to that post if you haven't read it and would like to.  But I would like to update their levels to keep an accurate picture of where they are.  Again I am searching for a guild that is active in role-play as well as small-group (Flashpoints) activities.  Raiding may be possible, so long as there is no rigid schedule.  My real life commitments simply prevent that.

Republic Characters (Vrook Lamar server, West Coast/RP)

Zintee:  Smuggler, Scoundrel/Sawbones-  Level 38 (Healer)
Delarre:  Jedi Counselor, Shadow/Kinetic Combat-  Level 22 (Tank)
Zinto:  Jedi Knight, Sentinel/Combat-  Level 12 (Melee DPS)
Jendia:  Trooper, Commando/Gunnery-  Level 12 (Ranged DPS)

Imperial Characters (Begeren Colony server, West Coast/RP)

Kalgrien:  Bounty Hunter, Mercenary/Arsenal-  Level 50 (Ranged DPS)
Furion:  Sith Warrior, Juggernaut/Immortal-  Level 22 (Tank)
Raefeli:  Sith Inquisitor, Sorceror/Corruption-  Level 18 (Healer)
Cinti:  Imperial Agent, Sniper/Marksmanship-  Level 16 (Ranged DPS)

While I appreciate the need to designate "mains" versus "alts" for the purpose of organization and such, each group of characters is a package deal.  You recruit me, you get all of them.  I have no problem declaring a "main" and focusing on it, but I will be jumping between characters to experience the stories and take advantage of their different crafting skills.  So if you are in a guild on one of those servers and you might be interested in me, here's the link to the full background post on my characters.

The other thing I wanted to do is somewhat related, and that's comment on an article I came across on the issue of mains and alts in SW:TOR.  The author is complaining about the Legacy System in the game and how it seeks to incentivise players to reroll and play alt characters rather than focus on a single main character.  Essentially he is afraid that the Legacy bonuses will be significant enough that anyone who does focus on a single character and has no alts will be at a disadvantage.  On the one hand I can see where he is coming from.  Prior to SW:TOR I wasn't much of an "alt" player myself.  In both World of Warcraft and RIFT I focused exclusively on a single character at a time.  I didn't even really engage in things like crafting alts.  I can certainly see the value in developing and focusing on a single character.  You learn to play it well.  You invest in their equipment and performance.  You are better at your "job."

On the other hand, I can see where Bioware is coming from.  They invested a significant amount of time and effort into creating individual storylines for each class.  If you play only one class exclusively, you are missing out on the other seven stories.  We always complain when talking about endgame content that developers should not focus time and effort on content that only a "small percentage" of the players will see, arguing that focused and difficult raids are a waste of developer effort.  Well, in a way this is no different.  Bioware did not want it's resources "wasted" by having players only experience one of the eight stories they crafted.  So... they will "bribe" us with shinies to play other stories. 

Personally I've always believed that the Legacy System will be something akin to an "Alternate Advancement" system that is shared between all your characters on a server.  I'm picturing something like RIFT's planar attunement system in that the bonuses acquired will be fairly minor in the broad scheme of things... a point of this stat here, a point of that stat there, a mount speed increase perhaps, or XP bonuses, etc.  And then there will be added character creation options, new races and so forth, again with the goal of encouraging the creation of more alts.  I don't see Bioware going the route of making Legacy bonuses so powerful that they become mandatory in order for a character to reach full potential.  That doesn't seem like a winning "strategy" in the long term, in my opinion.

But we shall see.  This is actually one of the features I am really looking forward to seeing the full "reveal" on.

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