09 January 2012

Back in a (New) Saddle

Ok, back for real this time!  I basically didn't touch my email, blog, or Twitter at all for the last three or four days aside from that tiny post on Saturday.  But now the holidays are over, I managed a little bit of sleep, and it is time to get back to the business of running my mouth about MMO's!  I was actually able to play more than I expected when I was on the road.  The people we were visiting lived kind of "out in the boonies" so we were stuck with very limited DSL internet access.  Basically if only one person was online doing things, you got acceptable speed... not great, but enough for gaming, Youtube'ing, etc.  But if anyone else tried to do something at the same time... forget about it.  The speed plummeted to the point of unplayable, even for a non-twitch kind of game like an MMO.  So what was I able to accomplish?

Well if you'll remember back to one of my first Star Wars: The Old Republic posts, I mentioned that I had four different characters simmering and that while I intended to play the Smuggler as my "main," I was open to changes as things developed.  Over the course of my trip, something "developed."  No, I didn't find an awesome guild (sadface, I really need one.  This game is a lot of fun, but I really miss the company of a guild.)  I've become more and more disenchanted with my Smuggler.  Maybe it's me, maybe I'm doing something wrong, but she isn't fun to play.  I feel like she's a bad healer, bad at DPS, the story has completely lost my interest, and my companions are all about as interesting as a blind person watching a mime.  And it all really disappoints me because I had such a clear concept of what kind of character I wanted my Smuggler to be.  But for whatever reason, it just isn't working.

Enter... my Bounty Hunter.  This guy has been a blast from day one.  He's fun to play, I kick the crap out of things, his story is great, the voice actor just absolutely nails it, and I have very interesting companions that I actually care to find out things about.  Needless to say, he is pretty much everything I had hoped my Smuggler would be, but isn't.  Over the course of my trip I got him from his teens all the way up to the completion of Chapter 1 of his class story.  Ok, well not exactly.  I finished up Chapter 1 late last night.  I was close to finishing and just couldn't stop till I did......... at 3am.  Like I said, it is just a lot more engaging.

I'm going to do some screenshots and a few other things today and tomorrow I'll be back with a more elaborate explanation of just why I love my Bounty Hunter so much, and why my Smuggler is a wimpy, whiny little toad in comparison.  Also some comments on some of SW:TOR's more glaring flaws and the things that may keep me from sticking with the game come April when The Secret World launches and competes for my time and money.

See you then!

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