17 December 2011

We now send you to our business correspondant...

Just a quick "business" post to update you on a few things related to the blog.  There won't be any regular posts this weekend.  I have some real-life obligations coming up that will occupy much of my time soon that I need to start to prepare for.  I am working on an in-depth personal review of Star Wars: The Old Republic that I am planning to post Monday morning.  Hopefully I'll remember to grab some screenshots over the weekend so I can flesh out my review properly.  I understand that MMO's are always a "work in progress," but I'd like to get my impressions out there before the true live launch so that anyone still on the fence can get a good look at what the game actually is.  I hope to make my review as objective as possible, as there is nothing I detest more than a "fanboi." 

Staring on the 21st, the blog will more than likely be "silent" from then until Christmas.  As I'm sure many of you can sympathize, family and other commitments will be cutting into my gaming and casual time.  I have some ideas for some non-SW:TOR related posts that I could possibly make during that time, and if I get the spare time to work on them, I will certainly post them for your consumption.  So keep an eye on my Twitter feed to stay up to date.  I'll be posting there if I do manage to get anything up during that time.

I'd just like to take a moment to say thanks to those of you that are stopping by to read what I have to say.  I know I'm just one gamer with an opinion, but I enjoy sharing what I have to say, so I hope you enjoy reading it.  If you do, please take a moment to "spread the word."  I'm not one for shameless self-promotion, but I know that "networking" is a powerful tool in this wonderful information age that we live in.  So if your obnoxious cousin or long-lost uncle loves MMO's or SW:TOR, point them this way too.

Enjoy your weekend, and I'll see you here Monday for my full review of SW:TOR!

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