09 December 2011

The Sense of Entitlement is Strong with this One

Ok I'll warn you right up front that this post is not very gaming related, even though it was "inspired" by an event in gaming.  I've been reading and listening to the reaction to what Bioware/EA has announced regarding the upcoming launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic.  As I said in my last post, I have been mostly satisfied with their plans and think they have a firm grasp on what they need to do to make this launch as smooth as possible for as many people as possible.  Unfortunately... it seems that much of the commentary on this issue is far from being as friendly, which is fine, I don't expect everyone to agree.  Heck, arguing is fun.  But the attitude behind the majority of these complaints  really concerns me, and it speaks to an issue that goes much deeper than a game... this sense that we are OWED something simply because we want it.

People are all upset with one aspect or another of Bioware/EA's decision making because they think they are owed a particular response or some particular benefit.  Yeah, BW/EA is trying to please US in the generic sense, but they don't owe YOU anything.  They are going to make the decisions best suited for the health of the game in the long term.  And don't give me the "corporate greed" crap.  Yes of course they are in it to make money, but does pissing people off make them money?  A good launch, a well-received game, and a happy community all equal big bucks for BW/EA.  So to think they simply don't care is shortsighted and foolish.  No, people make this personal.  BW/EA makes a decision that some people don't like individually, and so they feel entitled to lash out.

Voicing your grievances is all well and good.  It is one of the time honored traditions in most democratic societies.  But really folks, get over yourselves.  Not everything is always going to go your way.  You are not going to be handed everything you want on a silver platter.  Sometimes, someone is going to have the nerve to tell you, "No," and when that happens, it is not the end of the world.  We think we always deserve to get our way.  We think we should always get everything we want.  And if your mommy was silly enough to tell you that's the way the world is, I'm sorry to have to be the one to burst your bubble.  It bothers me to see so many people embracing this attitude.  Whatever happened to earning things for yourself?  What happened to forging your own path?  Now we just think we can sit back and have it all be given to us.

The other aspect of this that saddens me is the fact that all these people are sitting here complaining about a video game... when there are so many other more important things in the world.  If you are the kind of person with a computer, and internet access, and the disposable income to buy an MMO with the associated subscription, you are already ahead of the vast majority of the people in the world.  Odds are you aren't starving.  You have a roof over your head.  You have decent clothes on your back.  You probably aren't lacking the essentials of life.  Stop for a moment and reflect on how lucky that makes you before you vent your spleen over the fact that you might get locked out of SW:TOR for a day or two while your box comes in the mail.  It might give you a little better perspective.

So hopefully this non-gaming related post didn't turn you all off.  But hey, sometimes something just has to be said, and I had to get this one off my chest.  There probably won't be any full-fledged posts over the weekend, unless something big comes out that I feel compelled to talk about.  But keep an eye on my Twitter just in case. :)

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  1. Some of the vitriol - particularly that levelled at Stephen Reid on Twitter - makes me embarassed to be a human, let alone a gamer. It's behaviour that fulfills every negative stereotype about the obsessive nerds (like us?) who play video games.

    Oh well.


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