05 December 2011

MMOving in a New Direction

Greetings to all!  I'm Xintia and this is my new blog dedicated to all things MMO.  Yes there are already a thousand blogs out there doing the same thing, but hopefully over time, I'll give you all some good reasons to keep coming back to see what I have to say about the goings on in the industry.  What you'll mostly find here are three things:

1)  Commentary and experiences of the game(s) I am currently playing.  To give you an idea of what those will be for the first few months, I will be primarily playing Star Wars: The Old Republic when it launches next week and unless it severely disappoints, it will be my main MMO until April 2012 when The Secret World launches.  At that point, I'll have a decision to make. :)

2)  Commentary on the MMO industry as a whole.  I have been playing video games for basically my entire life, and so my interests go beyond the game I am playing at the moment.  But in the interest of staying focused, I will try and restrict myself to MMO related topics as much as possible.

3)  Links and news from noteworthy events around the industry.  A lot of people are talking about MMO gaming, and so when someone else does or says something that I think is important, I'll make sure you know about it too.

So if any or all of those things sound interesting, keep checking back regularly.  I don't have any kind of "posting schedule."  I may post every day, or several times a day, or not post for a week.  It all depends on what is going on and what interests me.  I already have a job, I don't plan on making blogging into a second one.  So when I do post, it'll always be something relevant, not one of those "Gee, I have to post today, better toss out some trash." 

Sometime in the next week I will be posting links to my Twitter and Youtube accounts.  Twitter is great for those random little comments that don't need a full blog post, and I hope at some point in the future to post gameplay videos and commentary to Youtube.  I will also be doing some tweaking and redesign to the blog itself.  Templates are great for people short on time, like myself, but I do want to personalize some things.  This is all a work in progress, but if you call right now, you can say you were there first!  /annoying TV Infomercial voice

So sit back, plug in, and enjoy the ride. :)

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