16 December 2011

Giving Grace a Chance

So the big news on the Star Wars: The Old Republic front today is that Bioware (or more likely their EA overlords) have relented and will be giving a 48-hour grace period to allow people to input their retail serial codes and not be locked out of the game.  As I said in a previous post about "corporate greed," yes businesses are greedy, but big and successful ones like EA are also not stupid.  Yes the original decision to not allow a grace period was probably driven by a desire to promote digital sales and "off the shelf" sales on launch day.  Yes buying digitally through EA/Origin makes them more money.  But... pissing people off does NOT make you money.  The accountants at EA ran the numbers and decided that a grace period means more satisfied customers in the long run and thus more money than squeaking out a few more digital sales.  So that's why we're getting a grace period.  Don't make it more complicated than it is.  Just say, "Thank you," and hope that the mail fairies get your box to you on time.

Ok a few other topics while I'm at it.  I've been playing my Smuggler exclusively for the past two days.  Once you get off the starting planets, the pace slows quite a bit.  For people like me who are coming from games like World of Warcraft and RIFT this can be a little bit jarring.  Levels fly so fast in those games, you sneeze on a passing critter and you level up.  Not so in SW:TORThis is not a bad thing. But it IS different and it IS an adjustment.  Bioware meant it when they said this game was going to be about the "journey."  My Smuggler arrived on Taris today and I felt like I was there for a reason not just because it was the next "zone" in my progression.  So I'm level 20 now and enjoying every minute of it.  I love the space "mini-game."  I have no problem with the fact that it's a rail shooter.  Two reasons; one, I love rail shooters anyway, and two, it is a mini-game.  People who wanted X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter need to check their expectations.  Yeah I'd love to see a revamp of that game too, but not inside an MMO.  Let someone else give a project like that the full attention it would deserve.

I did the second Flashpoint on the Republic side today, Hammer Station.  This was my first full experience as a healer in SW:TOR.  The run went well.  We wiped once on the final boss because one person got knocked over the edge and the adds overwhelmed us.  I used my traditional "stand back and heal" approach and mostly did well with it.  I never felt like I had to be closer to the action to do my job.  But I'm not 100% sure that SW:TOR's Flashpoints are designed around the traditional "one tank, one healer, X DPS" type of model.  Our group had two Jedi Sages in it along with myself.  They primarily did damage, but tossed heals and shields on people as well.  Now if this were say, WoW, I would have been a little miffed and asked them to stop and let me do my job.  But I wanted to see how this plays out in this game.  And as I said, the run went well aside from a minor mishap.  When the bosses die and we don't, I don't complain.

One last thing, media.  Yes I said I would have screenshots.  No I haven't posted any yet.  There is a simple reason for that... I just keep forgetting to take them.  I'm still new to this blogging thing, so "documenting" my accomplishments with screenshots is not exactly second nature as yet.  I do apologize and I will work on correcting that over the weekend for some posts next week.  And I also said originally that I would be uploading some game play videos to Youtube.  That... is going to be a bit more difficult.  As of yet I do not have the appropriate recording or editing software and unfortunately I have no timeline for acquiring them.  So this may be stuck on the back burner for a bit longer than I originally intended. 

Back to Taris!  Anyone got some rakghoul repellant? :P

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